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Para and Omnium Australian Championships

Index of Events

1a Men U19 Qualification
1b Men U19 Qualification
9:00 to 9:50 Warm Up - omnium riders
1 Women U19 Omnium - Scratch Race
2 Men U19 Omnium Scratch Race
3 Women Omnium- Scratch Race
4 Men Omnium Scratch Race
11:00 to 11:20 Warm up - para-cyclists
5 Para C2 Women 500m Time Trial
6 Para C3 Women 500m Time Trial
7 Para C4 Women 500m Time Trial
8 Para C5 Women 500m Time Trial
9 Para C1 Men 1Km Time Trial
10 Para C2 Men 1km Time Trial
11 Para C3 Men 1km Time Trial
12 Para C4 Men 1km Time Trial
13 Para Women Tandem 1km Time Trial
14 Para Men Tandem 1km Time Trial
15 Women U19 Omnium - Tempo Race
16 Men U19 Omnium - Tempo Race
17 Women Omnium Tempo Race
18 Men Omnium Tempo Race
c1 Ceremony Para C2 Women
c2 Ceremony Para C3 Women
c5 Ceremony Para C1 Men
c6 Ceremony Para C2 Men
c7 Ceremony Para C3 Men
c8 Ceremony Para C4 Men
c9 Ceremony Para Women Tandem
c10 Ceremony Para Men Tandem
15:00 to 15:50 Warm Up
19 Women U19 Omnium - Elimination
20 Men U19 Omnium- Elimination
21 Women Omnium- Elimination
22 Men Omnium - Elimination
10 minute break
23 Women U19 Omnium Points Race
24 Men U19 Omnium - Points Race
25 Women Omnium Points Race
26 Men Omnium Points Race
19:40 to 20:00 Presentations
co1 Ceremony Women U19 Omnium
co2 Ceremony Men U19 Omnium
co3 Ceremony Women Omnium
co4 Ceremony Men Omnium